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Chain hoist

  1. Air Winch
  2. Electric winch
  3. Hydraulic winch
  4. Wire rope electric hoist
  5. Industrial gourd
  6. Hydraulic hoist
  7. Chain hoist
  8. Lever hoist
  9. Manual monorail running trolle
  10. Explosion proof hoist
  11. Stainless steel gourd
  12. Electric chain hoist
  13. Crawler electric hoist
  14. Pneumatic hoist
  15. Pneumatic balancer
  16. Stage gourd series
  17. Lifting electronic scale
  18. Crane
  19. Manual winch

 Our best and most sturdy design, all steel manual chain hoist! Theload bearing mechanism increases mechanical efficiency.The top hook and hook of the fall forging process are speciallydesigned to avoid overload by slow bending

The outer cover shell is thickened to increase the rib process and the impact resistance effectively protects the internaltransmission mechanism.

The hand-held cover adopts a crimping process to increase thestrength and avoid the card chain and excessive noise.The gears are precision forged by high-quality alloy steel anddurable after heat treatment, reflecting high transmissioneffect.The hook is made of high-quality alloy material, which isspecially heat-treated to improve safety warning. The overloadis not broken

The open frame design facilitates self-cleaning, quick inspection ofthe lifting pulleys and easy hoist maintenance.

Stud technology, impact resistance, effective protection of internaltransmissionmechanism

Brake disc without effective carcinogenic asbestosThe hoisting chain sprocket is made of alloy steel and is preciselymachined and heat treated.

According to CE standards, the spring-loaded double pawl provides amore reliable brake mechanism operationOverloaded risk-free protection (optional)The overload limiter protects the structure of the hoist from damage.

A.low headroom hoist and special hanging hoisting trolley designed forlow space is suitable for all kinds of lifting and transportation.

B.optional chain strap (fabric bag or metal box)

C.explosion-proofoption (ATEX)

D.anti-corrosion option

E.trolley fixing device, placed accidentally sliding (especially suitablefor wearing)Foverload protection device

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