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Electric chain hoist

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  12. Electric chain hoist
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  17. Lifting electronic scale
  18. Crane
  19. Manual winch

The ring chain electric hoist has a small size and high working level, making it an ideal substitute for traditional wire rope electric hoists. It is generally installed on overhead I-beam tracks, or suspended on fixed frames and specialized lifting tools to lift goods and equipment, and is widely used in industries such as construction, mountain warehouses, docks, construction sites, shopping malls, hotels, etc.

Shell: Aluminum alloy shell, solid and lightweight. Featured heat sink, fast heat dissipation, continuous use, with an efficiency of up to 40%. The overall enclosed structure can be used in chemical plants, electroplating plants, and other places

Magnetic brake: A newly designed magnetic generator with the characteristic of producing magnetism. It can be braked at the same time as the power supply is cut off to ensure safety during lifting. Limit switch: There is a limit switch device on both the upper and lower parts of the crane to automatically stop, prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety.

Chain: Imported FEC80 super heated alloy steel chain is used. Safe and worry free use in rainwater, seawater, chemicals, and other harsh conditions. Hook: Hot forged, with good strength and not easily broken. The lower hook can rotate 360 degrees and is equipped with a safety tongue to ensure safe operation. Support frame: The lifting support frame is composed of two steel plates, which are very sturdy.

Transformer: 24V/36V transformer device. During operation, leakage can prevent accidents, and safe use can be ensured when it rains. Electromagnetic contactor: High efficiency electromagnetic contactor, can be used at high frequencies without any problems.

Reverse phase protection device: a special wire device that prevents the control circuit from operating when the power supply wiring is incorrect. Button switch: Use waterproof button switch, lightweight and durable.

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