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Lever hoist

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MLA type lever hoist with a light and short handle design, but at the sametime it maintains a very labor-saving hand-operating operation. It is anideal tool for users in the construction and general field, especiallysuitable for use in limited spaces.

.WESTON ratchet pawl load protection deviceQuick adjustment of the position of the chain with quick adjustment ofthe hand wheel.

Particle spraying outer layer protection improves corrosion resistanceDouble-chain mechanism and double ratchet mechanism for effectivesafety

The handle part is made of non-slip rubber sleeve, which is moreconvenient and safe for users.

Uses common standard tools for easy maintenance and maintenance

·Anti-corrosion options

·Explosion-proofoption (ATEX)

-Overload protector

The quick release chain of the "free device" is easy to work with,highefficiency, stable brake,high safety.Long-axis adopts patent structure, multi-limit control brake effect ishigher and more reliable

The hand wheeladopts an involute spline link, so that the long axis and thehand wheel are integrated, and are not easily interfered by externaobjects.

Optional gear tooth ratio using handle is very smallStandard configuration high strength alloy steel lifting chainSpecially heat-treated forged hooks for high strength and long service life

Temperature range: -10C - +50CHumidity: less than or equal to100% RH, the product is not asubmerged product, can not bedamp for a long time, toprevent rain and water frombeing used.

Material: no special material(the friction sheet does notcontain asbestos material witheffective carcinogenicity)

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