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Pneumatic balancer

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  15. Pneumatic balancer
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  18. Crane
  19. Manual winch

 •Makita pneumatic balancer has a lifting speed of 1m/s, which is adjusted through the air control valve. It has low air consumption and can operate at high frequency with low air consumption;

• The MPHD standard pneumatic balancer is powered by air source and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The internally designed lubrication system effectively eliminates air pollution.

Note: MPHD pneumatic balancer can provide original accessories separately: control handle, balance control valve, wire rope, hook and slide track, etc.

•Lifting capacity: 250KG-100T

•Air pressure: 4 bar or 6 bar

•Practice has proven that Makita pneumatic hoists are a good choice in any environment where safety is a priority. Compared with current driving, using compressed gas as the driving medium will not produce any sparks. The characteristics of this structure make Makita pneumatic hoists particularly suitable for working in hazardous environments.

Makita M series pneumatic hoist products are strong and reliable, so they are suitable for use in difficult industries. According to different needs, we have different controllers and rollers. If it is transverse loading, we have a variety of walking trolleys to meet your needs.

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