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Pneumatic hoist

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After the installation and debugging of the pneumatic hoist, the following operations should be carried out before the formal operation to ensure that the hoist operates normally and safely. And regularly carry out maintenance to extend the service life of the pneumatic hoist and improve work efficiency.

1. When using the pneumatic hoist, it must be equipped with a dedicated air compressor to ensure that the compressed air used as the power source remains clean and dry. And use a specialized filtering and lubrication device, and then firmly connect the air pipe to the hoist.

2. Before each use of the pneumatic hoist, the operator must conduct a prescribed spot check and add a small amount of lubricating oil (20ml) to the air inlet of the motor to provide better lubrication effect. Check if there is oil leakage from the hoist motor and gearbox.

3. Before using the pneumatic hoist, check whether the chain, hook, and limiter are in good condition.

4. Before working on the hoist, run it with no load for 5 minutes to confirm that there are no abnormalities in the various components and structures; When lifting a heavy object, first lift it to a height of 30cm above the ground and brake to ensure the safety and reliability of the brake.

5. After use, the pneumatic hoist should be placed on a dedicated gantry frame, with the chains intertwined. The controller air pipe should be neatly coiled and fixed on the transportation frame. Do not place hooks, chains, etc. on the air pipe.

6. If a malfunction occurs during the use of the hoist, it should be stopped immediately, reported for repair in a timely manner, and the pneumatic hoist should be strictly disassembled and modified without authorization.

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