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Stage gourd series

  1. Air Winch
  2. Electric winch
  3. Hydraulic winch
  4. Wire rope electric hoist
  5. Industrial gourd
  6. Hydraulic hoist
  7. Chain hoist
  8. Lever hoist
  9. Manual monorail running trolle
  10. Explosion proof hoist
  11. Stainless steel gourd
  12. Electric chain hoist
  13. Crawler electric hoist
  14. Pneumatic hoist
  15. Pneumatic balancer
  16. Stage gourd series
  17. Lifting electronic scale
  18. Crane
  19. Manual winch

The Lodestar series electric chain hoist, with its excellent design, good quality, and high configuration, has become a respected product in the lifting industry, suitable for various application fields.Product characteristics&Bull; The lightweight aluminum alloy shell adopts a fully enclosed structure, effectively protecting internal mechanical and electronic components while ensuring good heat dissipation.&Bull; The standard is equipped with an upper and lower limit device, which can effectively control the travel and ensure operation safety. As the limit switch is located inside the hoist body, it can be effectively protected, but at the same time, it can be easily set by simply opening one side of the outer cover.&Bull; A control handle with a stop switch is standard, and the handle is operated under pressure, meeting Chinese safety regulations.

&Bull; The control handle has a protection level of IP65.

&Bull; Standard overheating and overload protection device.

&Bull; The working level reaches M5, and the overall size has been optimized and designed to be suitable for some confined space applications.

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