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Advantages of pneumatic hoist

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The pneumatic hoist is a system where compressed air is input into the power mechanism through the air distribution system, 

which is internally converted into a power system. 

At the same time, the power system drives the deceleration system to generate greater torque, 

and the lifting of heavy objects is achieved through the winch system. Compared to ordinary electric hoists, 

chain hoists, etc., it has certain advantages, so where are they all manifested?

1. Accurate positioning, able to accurately set the weight of the load to centimeters, greatly avoiding the problem of positioning deviation in the lifting of ordinary products.

2. The speed can be adjusted, and the ascending or descending speed can be adjusted steplessly during the operation of the pneumatic hoist. 

It is simple and faster, and the speed can reach about three times that of the electric hoist.

3. Easy to operate, lever control operation is simple and easy to control. When lifting or lowering, it can quickly respond to the output action of the handle.

4. Clean and environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.

 The special lubrication system inside the pneumatic hoist eliminates air pollution and still performs well in humid environments.

5. Overload protection benefits from the successful experience of our company's continuous research in both domestic and international markets over the years, 

combined with strictly screened raw materials. The pneumatic hoist fully grasps the key brake system and low maintenance production technology in the process, 

avoiding damage to the product caused by overload of heavy objects.

The pneumatic hoist is durable and has a significantly longer service life than other similar products.

 This significantly reduces user complaints about product quality issues.

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