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Distance should be mastered during the operation of pneumatic hoists

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The pneumatic hoist can achieve the lifting, lowering, and horizontal movement of heavy objects. The specific implementation process is as follows: compressed air is divided into two paths after reaching the main control valve through the air distribution system. One path of air is sequentially transmitted to the sprocket through the pneumatic motor and planetary reducer of the pneumatic hoist, achieving the lifting and lowering movement of heavy objects.

Pneumatic hoists are often used in some workshops, and the use of these machines makes many tasks simpler and faster. In order to make usage more convenient, the volume of pneumatic hoists has been designed to be smaller and smaller, and the automation is also constantly decreasing.

About regulation

Nowadays, when using pneumatic hoists, it is necessary to have specialized personnel to use them, especially during installation. Although the use of pneumatic hoists is becoming simpler in order to speed up work efficiency, it is also about the technological development and installation skills of pneumatic hoists. Because of this, it is even more important to use it with caution. After connecting the power supply, it is necessary to strictly control the movement pattern of the pneumatic hoist up, down, left, right, and grasp the direction accurately and strictly. If you hear the sound of a brake, do not rely solely on the sound to judge. This is not feasible. Under normal installation conditions, there will be no abnormal sound or vibration.

About Distance

When using, the control of certain distances is also very precise. Whether it is the distance of movement or the predetermined working distance to reach when lifting goods, it is necessary to be cautious and careful. The difference between distances can sometimes be very small, so specialized personnel are needed to control it.

In daily use, it is necessary to promptly inspect and maintain the pneumatic hoist, and be careful when using it. If there is a need for debugging, a specialized technician is needed to repair it. If necessary, you can also contact the manufacturer's after-sales personnel. The service provided by these manufacturers is now very good, and the after-sales service is very good. If necessary, you can directly contact them.

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