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Do you know the two main types of body structures of pneumatic hoists

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The rotating mechanism of the pneumatic hoist consists of a driving device, a braking device, a sending device, and a rotating support device. 

Rotary bearing devices are divided into two categories and rotating columns:

The rotary support device consists of a roller, a rotating column, upper and lower support seats, alignment thrust bearings, radial spherical bearings, etc. 

Imported pneumatic hoist, rotary rotating support device. 

The column rotation support device is supported by a thrust bearing, radial bearing, and upper and lower supports. 

Floating pneumatic hoist fixed column slewing support device. 

The rotary table slewing support device is divided into two types: roller sleeve type and rolling bearing type slewing support devices. 

Rolling bearing slewing support, spherical rolling body, rotating seat fixed seat. 

A device for selecting the standard specifications and dimensions of rolling bearings for ball or roller rolling elements. 

The column type slewing support device can be divided into fixed pillars and pillar 2 slewing support devices.

The roller clamping sleeve type rotating support device consists of a rotary disc, a conical or cylindrical roller, a track, and a central spindle. 

This will be a conical or cylindrical roller set between the upper and lower 2-ring guide roller spindle components through an isolation outer ring between the clamping sleeves. 

Connect the collar jacket arranged radially with a pull rod and hub. 

According to the different shapes of rolling elements, they are divided into ball and roller types. 

According to the number of columns in the rolling element, it is divided into single column, double column, and 3 columns. 

The roller bearing is one of the countries with higher current carrying capacity for large-sized bearings. 

In order to prevent impurities and moisture from entering the rolling track and rolling body, the sealing lubrication device must be sealed. 

Currently, more and more lubricating oil is used to seal the entry from the nozzle.

The rotating parts of the pneumatic hoist are fixed on the upper fixed seat bearing, and the rotating bearing seat is fixedly connected to the top surface of the portal frame. 

The shipbuilding gantry crane is used in the rotating mechanism of roller bearings and fixed seats with inner gear rings. 

It is made into a whole and has many circular fixing points distributed along the top surface of the bolt on the door frame. 

The rotating seat ring has a circumference distributed along the platform of many bolt uniting chambers and on the pneumatic hoist. 

The electric rotary drive device is driven by a horizontal motor and worm gear reducer, a vertical motor and planetary reduction rotating mechanism, a vertical motor and a vertical cylindrical gear reduction driver 3. 

In addition, AC frequency modulation rotating mechanisms have appeared in recent years. 

Opening the seat half, it can be pre installed in the assembly and can accommodate rollers. 

The screws rotate the seat slightly through the connecting two parts. 

In this way, the bearing can be assembled into a complete rotating support component, and the bearing is transported to the field for assembly. 

The rotary drive mechanism is divided into an electric rotary drive device and a hydraulic rotary drive device.

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