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Eight Precautions for Safety: Electric Hoists

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With the expansion of production scale and the improvement of automation, electric hoists, as important equipment for material handling, are increasingly widely used and play an increasingly important role in modern production processes, and the requirements for electric hoists are also increasing. 

Electric hoists are undergoing a huge transformation. 

Compared with chain hoists and other manual lifting tools, it has a fast lifting speed and can save manpower. 

It can save time.

In industrial applications, users must understand the common sense of electric hoist operation, otherwise it may cause adverse effects.

So, the editor summarized the precautions to be taken when using electric hoists:

1、 Before lifting, the mechanical parts of the equipment should be checked, and the hooks, limiters, etc. should be intact. The electrical parts should be checked for no leakage, and the grounding device should be in good condition. Every time a heavy object is lifted, it should be stopped 10cm above the ground to check the braking condition, and work can only be carried out after confirming that it is in good condition. Rainproof sheds should be set up for outdoor operations.

2、 Overloading lifting is not allowed, and hands are not allowed to hold between ropes and objects during lifting. When lifting objects, collision must be strictly avoided.

3、 Lifting objects should be securely tied up. When lifting and walking, the heavy objects should not be too high from the ground, and it is strictly prohibited for heavy objects to pass over people's heads. During work intervals, heavy objects should not be suspended in the air.

4、 During the lifting process of the electric hoist, if there is a strange smell and high temperature occurs, it should be immediately stopped for inspection, the cause should be found, and the operation can only continue after handling it.

5、 When using a suspended cable electrical switch to start, the insulation must be good, the sliding must be free, and the button should be operated correctly and attention should be paid to the standing position of the person.

6、 When a heavy object slides due to a malfunction during lifting, emergency measures must be taken to lower the object into an unmanned area.

7、 The lifting of heavy objects must be done vertically, and it is not allowed to pull the object diagonally. If the weight of the lifted object is unclear, it will not be lifted.

8、 After the work is completed, the electric hoist should be stopped at the designated position, the hook should be raised, and the power should be cut off.

If the electric hoist operator achieves the above eight points, they can safely operate the electric hoist.

In industrial applications, the correct use method not only ensures the safety of workers, but also extends the service life of electric hoists. 

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