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Factors leading to price differences in explosion-proof chain electric hoists

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The explosion-proof chain electric hoist is a special lifting equipment that is simple and convenient to use. At present, there is a significant price difference in the market, ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. So what are the main factors that cause the price differentiation of explosion-proof chain electric hoists?

1. Supply and demand relationship. 

The supply and demand relationship between a single manufacturer and the entire demand market. 

Due to the different demands faced by each manufacturer of electric hoists, the prices set by each manufacturer for electric hoists must be different.

2. Source. There are two main sources of electric hoists on the market, one is imported, and the other is domestically produced.

Generally, the price of imported electric hoists is generally higher than that of domestic electric hoists, mainly due to the tolls and tariffs of imported goods.

3. Quality. Different models of explosion-proof chain electric hoists have different production materials, functions, structures, and performance. 

The quality of explosion-proof chain electric hoists is generally proportional to the price, which is the main reason for the price difference.

4. Purchase channels. 

Buying an electric hoist directly from a manufacturer is definitely different from buying it from an intermediary. 

Buying from intermediaries requires paying more for their profits, so the more intermediaries you purchase, the higher the price of explosion-proof chain electric hoists.

It can be seen that there is not only one factor that causes the price difference of explosion-proof chain electric hoists in the market, but also a combination of multiple factors. 

Although the price of electric hoists is fluctuating, due to the influence of market economy, the price will remain relatively stable..

Due to the continuous development of insulation technology, it is required to increase output and reduce volume in the design of the motor, resulting in a decreasing thermal capacity and load capacity of the new explosion-proof chain electric hoist motor; 

In addition, due to the improvement of production automation, motors are required to operate in various ways, such as frequent starting, braking, forward and reverse rotation, and load changes, which puts higher requirements on motor protection devices.

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