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How to improve the pneumatic hoist limiter

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1. Make two ten centimeter flat iron, with a slot in the middle. The size of the slot and the proximity switch can move back and forth in the middle. One flat iron is welded above the pneumatic hoist housing (motor side), and the other flat iron is welded below the pneumatic hoist housing (reducer side).

2. Pneumatic hoist steel rope installation guide.

3. Install a proximity switch on the flat iron, and select 220V AC voltage as the voltage type of the proximity switch.

4. Install the contactor.

5. The main line of the pneumatic hoist motor is connected to the contactor, and a proximity switch is connected in series on the coil control line of the contactor.

6. After checking the circuit for accuracy, power on the proximity switch, contactor, and control circuit linkage for detection.

7. Activate the pneumatic hoist to bring the rope guide closer to the desired limit position, adjust the proximity switch, and the proximity switch will operate,

8. Repeat this adjustment to ensure that the proximity switch is in a better position.

Editor's summary: In practical application, the improved limit device can quickly and reliably cut off the power supply of the pneumatic hoist motor when the rope guide reaches the limit position. 

There will be no fault of not resetting the original limiter after it is cut off, and the probability of motor phase loss will be reduced. 

This limiter does not use a push rod, and there will be no malfunction caused by the jamming of the push rod during operation. 

This limiter adopts a cylindrical proximity switch, which is easy to install and maintain.

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