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How to improve the safety of pneumatic hoists

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The safety of pneumatic hoists can be improved through the following measures:

Operators must undergo training and obtain corresponding operation qualification certificates. 

Before using the pneumatic hoist, you should carefully read the user manual and strictly follow the requirements of the manual for operation.

The use environment of pneumatic hoists should comply with relevant national standards and regulations, especially the safety of gas source equipment must be guaranteed. 

Before using the pneumatic hoist, the air source equipment should be inspected to ensure its normal operation.

When using a pneumatic hoist, it is advisable to avoid standing or walking on its suspended workpiece, and not to extend any part of the body to the outside of the hanging basket.

 When lifting heavy objects, it is necessary to ensure that they hover stably before lifting, and do not touch attachments such as splints.

When the pneumatic hoist is working, the pressure of the air source equipment should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the pneumatic hoist. 

Operators should adjust the pressure of the gas source equipment according to the actual situation and avoid prolonged overload work.

When using pneumatic hoists, it is strictly prohibited to put hands or other objects into the cylinder or basket to avoid accidents.

If the pneumatic hoist malfunctions or poses a safety hazard, it should be immediately stopped from use and promptly contacted by relevant personnel for handling.

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