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Is the pneumatic hoist suitable for use in power plants

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Due to its excellent explosion-proof performance, pneumatic hoists are widely used in industrial areas abroad, such as chemical, textile, painting, logistics, docks, and other flammable, explosive, high-temperature, high dust, and highly corrosive workplaces. 

Due to its high frequency and continuously variable speed characteristics, it is highly favored by manufacturing industries such as automobiles, tractors, motors, refrigerators, and logistics industries with high production and strong continuous operation. 

Especially in some industrial developed regions, it is explicitly stipulated that in flammable and explosive situations such as petroleum, chemical, automotive, and mining, the use of pneumatic hoists must be mandatory, and power plants are no exception.

A power plant refers to a power plant that converts some form of raw energy into electrical energy for fixed facilities or transportation, such as a thermal, hydraulic, steam, diesel, or nuclear power plant. As a high-risk industry, power plants have also started using pneumatic hoists as internal lifting equipment.

Common hazards in power plants include the use of unstable equipment for work, defects in equipment, facilities, tools, and accessories, mechanical noise, electromagnetic noise, fluid dynamic noise, other noise, flammable and explosive gases, flammable and explosive liquids, flammable and explosive solids, flammable and explosive dust and aerosols, other flammable and explosive substances, corrosive gases, corrosive liquids, and corrosive solids Other corrosive substances, etc. 

The pneumatic hoist can solve all the above problems.

The pneumatic hoist has a cut-off protection function: to avoid sudden interruption of the air source and sudden drop of the load. 

This eliminates the problem of end users being pulled or detached. 

The pneumatic hoist does not make too much noise during operation, which can more or less reduce the noise generated at the work site. 

The explosion-proof function of the pneumatic hoist should not be underestimated, as the power is pneumatic, so it will not generate sparks and currents during operation, and can work in high dust environments without the risk of flammable and explosive hazards. 

The corrosion resistance of pneumatic hoists is also very strong, and they can work freely in chemical plants such as strong acids. 

Therefore, pneumatic hoists are quite suitable for use in power plants.

However outstanding the ability of the pneumatic hoist, it still requires the cooperation of the user, who needs to be familiar with the equipment, system, and basic principles;

 Familiar with usage and accident handling; Familiar with the procedures and systems of this position. 

Able to handle operations and accidents correctly; Able to promptly detect and troubleshoot faults; Able to master general maintenance skills. 

Improving one's own knowledge level can prevent the occurrence of danger.

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