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Maintenance methods for electric hoists on stage

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The maintenance method for the stage electric hoist is as follows:

Regularly inspect and replace seals. 

The sealing components of the stage electric hoist are prone to aging and wear, leading to oil leakage. 

Therefore, regular inspection and replacement of seals are important measures to prevent oil leakage.

Strengthen lubrication management. 

The lubrication management of stage electric hoists is also an important measure to prevent oil leakage. 

The quality and quantity of lubricating oil should be regularly checked, and lubricating oil should be added or replaced in a timely manner.

Strengthen maintenance and upkeep. 

The maintenance of stage electric hoists is also an important measure to prevent oil leakage. 

Regular cleaning and inspection of various components of the hoist should be carried out to promptly detect and address oil leakage issues.

Strict operating procedures. 

The operating procedures of the stage electric hoist are also important measures to prevent oil leakage. 

Strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid oil leakage caused by excessive or improper use.

Clean the stage electric hoist. 

Appearance cleaning is usually done by wiping with a damp cloth, and do not use any chemical solvents or brushes to clean. 

Internal cleaning requires technical personnel and should not be dismantled without authorization.

Please note that these maintenance methods may vary depending on the brand and model of the stage electric hoist. 

It is recommended to follow the product manual or contact the manufacturer for more specific maintenance methods.

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