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Only by maintaining the pneumatic hoist well can it be used for a long time

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Pneumatic hoists are widely used in fields such as the petroleum industry, chemical industry, coal mining, and warehousing, indicating their wide range of applications. 

By using equipment, enterprises can carry out safe production, improve production efficiency, and also reduce production costs. 

However, users need to clarify the corresponding types when using them in daily life. 

Select suitable products based on your own needs. 

Of course, in daily use, in order to better utilize the corresponding efficiency, it is necessary to fully clarify the relevant working principles and also do a good job in maintaining the pneumatic hoist.

When clarifying the working principle of the gourd,

 it is necessary to analyze the product structure.

 It is mainly composed of three parts, including lifting, walking, and gas distribution structures. 

The lifting mechanism mainly consists of a combination of pneumatic motors, planetary reducers, suspension assemblies, and other components. 

In addition, the walking structure adopts a pneumatic walking car, consisting of wall panels, active wheels, etc., to balance horizontal movement.

No matter what mechanical equipment it is, it is inevitable that corresponding faults occur during daily use. 

After corresponding faults occur, targeted maintenance and handling are necessary. 

What are the maintenance items and related maintenance techniques for pneumatic hoists? 

These are all issues that many users are concerned about. 

Before maintenance, one should also clarify their own advantages. 

The gourd has precise positioning function, which effectively avoids accidents caused by improper operation during daily use.

The speed of the gourd itself is adjustable, and it can be adjusted during both lifting and lowering processes.

 In addition, its own running speed is faster, about four times that of ordinary equipment. 

The operation is simpler, and users only need to follow the operation manual to easily operate. 

The equipment has a lubrication system inside, which has good cleaning effect, is more environmentally friendly, and has a high safety factor.

 During the transportation process, it is very labor-saving because of its small size and light weight. 

At the same time, the product structure design is more solid, the operation is more reliable, and the amount of daily maintenance is relatively small.

Of course, the pneumatic hoist has overload and gas cut-off protection functions to ensure the safety of the entire construction process. 

And it is durable and has a longer service life, greatly reducing the maintenance frequency of the pneumatic hoist.

 However, in daily use, it is also necessary to inspect the equipment, especially the lubrication system, which requires timely addition of lubricants to reduce friction between components.

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