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Operation of chain electric hoist during operation

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To ensure the safe and efficient operation of chain electric cranes, it is necessary to follow a series of detailed operating procedures. The following is a detailed explanation of the operation process of a chain electric crane based on the relevant information in the reference article:

Preparation before operation

Check equipment:

Check if the chain electric crane is in normal working condition, including key components such as electrical systems, chains, and hooks.

Ensure that all safety devices (such as limit switches, overload protectors, etc.) are intact and functioning properly.

Choose the correct crane:

Select a suitable chain electric crane based on the weight and shape of the lifted object.

Verify the rated load of the crane to ensure that it does not exceed its maximum carrying capacity.

Confirm work environment:

Remove obstacles in the work area and ensure that no personnel are in the lifting area.

Check if the work area is safe and ensure that there are no factors that may cause the crane to tip over or collide.

Wearing protective equipment:

Operators must wear appropriate protective equipment, such as helmets, safety shoes, gloves, etc.

Lifting operation

Installation of lifting equipment:

Hook the lifting hook into the lifting ring or hook on the object to be lifted.

Confirm whether the connection between the lifting hook and the crane hook is firm.

Adjusting the crane:

Adjust the length and height of the crane according to the weight and shape of the lifted object to meet the lifting requirements.

Start lifting:

Start the crane smoothly to avoid sudden starts or stops.

Slowly lift the lifted object to ensure it remains relatively stable.

Moving and positioning:

Carefully move the lifted object to the desired position.

Use the control handle or button of the crane to accurately adjust the position of objects.

Drop object:

After reaching the target position, slowly lower the lifted object to ensure a smooth landing.

After confirming the stability of the object placement, release the hook of the lifting device.

Operation precautions

Do Not Exceed Weight Limit:

Strictly operate according to the rated load of the crane and prohibit overloading.

Regular inspections:

Regularly inspect the wear level of key components such as chains and hooks of the crane, and replace severely worn components in a timely manner.

Keep clean:

Regularly clean the crane to maintain its neat appearance and prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Avoiding collisions:

During operation, avoid collisions between the crane and other objects to avoid damaging the equipment or causing safety accidents.

Train operators:

Ensure that operators receive specialized training and are familiar with the operating procedures and safety requirements of the crane.

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