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Pneumatic hoist is a tool for lifting ships

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Navigation is the activity of humans navigating at sea, crossing the ocean, from one land to another. 

The navigation industry greatly enhances the flow of goods, promotes trade, and brings economic prosperity. 

It is particularly important to choose a suitable lifting tool when handling goods, and pneumatic hoists can be used as ship lifting tools.

The pneumatic hoist is very suitable as a marine lifting tool. 

The navigation industry is an ancient industry that plays an important role in connecting various regions to promote trade and making the economy more prosperous. In the 17th century, the Netherlands was even known as a maritime carriage driver. 

When handling goods at sea, it is inevitable to come into contact with seawater, which can cause equipment to rust. 

The pneumatic hoist has excellent anti-corrosion function, and can work normally in strong acid and alkali environments without being affected. 

The pneumatic hoist has a fully automatic overvoltage protection function. 

When loaded, the pneumatic motor only reduces the speed ratio or parking; After the load is reset, everything can immediately run normally again without causing common faults. 

Suitable for use in labor-intensive, poor office environment, and labor-intensive physical work areas, to reasonably avoid accidents caused by rough actual use. 

Reasonably ensuring stable production and civilized behavior in production and manufacturing. 

The pneumatic hoist is driven by air compression, also known as explosion-proof type hulu or explosion-proof pneumatic hoist. 

The shell is manufactured using aluminum alloy profiles as raw materials. No need for electrical engineering. 

It has unique characteristics such as strong fire resistance, explosion-proof, moisture and cold resistance, and heat resistance. 

Strong adaptability to the natural environment. 

Stable and normal operation in extreme natural environments such as labor-intensive, dusty, flammable, explosive, and humid environments. 

It is widely used in workplaces with high flammability, flammability, explosion, high temperature, high smoke and dust, and strong corrosion, such as chemical factories, textiles, spraying, freight logistics, ports, and mining. 

Due to its high-frequency and infinitely variable speed characteristics, it is highly favored by processing and manufacturing industries such as small cars, large tractors, electric motors, household refrigerators, and logistics enterprises with high production volume and strong continuous workability. 

Especially in some well-developed industrial production areas, it is mandatory to use pneumatic hoists for flammable and explosive materials such as crude oil, chemical plants, small cars, and mining operations.

So pneumatic hoists are very suitable as small lifting tools for ships.

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