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Precautions for pneumatic hoist during drilling

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When using pneumatic hoists in drilling, it is important to pay attention to the differences between the drilling environment and the terrestrial environment such as the workshop. The drilling environment is relatively harsh, with a lot of dust and humidity, and the air source is not pure enough. The pneumatic motor in the pneumatic hoist is a more precise machinery, and any dust or continuous water vapor may damage the pneumatic hoist. Therefore, when using pneumatic hoists, we need to perform secondary filtration of the air source, Firstly, coarse filtration is carried out not far from the main gas source to remove large dust particles and the majority of water vapor. Then, a triple component, namely filtration pressure regulation lubrication, is assembled in the sub gas source to make the gas source more pure and avoid damage to the pneumatic hoist caused by impure drilling gas source.

Both pneumatic and electric hoists for drilling are important lifting equipment, but pneumatic hoists for drilling are increasingly favored by people. So what are the advantages of pneumatic hoists?

1、 In terms of speed

Normally, the speed of an ordinary electric hoist is not adjustable, while the speed of a drilling pneumatic hoist can be adjusted. The operating speed of the pneumatic hoist can be up to four times that of an electric hoist, making it more user-friendly and adjustable according to your needs.

2、 In terms of work environment

The use of pneumatics can only be between minus 25 degrees Celsius and forty degrees Celsius. It should be noted that this has many limitations, such as in the winter of Northeast China, where the temperature is too low and easily drops by tens of degrees Celsius, electric hoists cannot be used. Or in areas such as Wuhan in summer, high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius are also present, and electric hoists cannot be used normally. The emergence of pneumatic hoists for drilling has changed this. The use of pneumatic hoists has no temperature limit, and can be used normally in high temperature environments above 60 degrees Celsius.

By simply comparing these two aspects, one can immediately see the advantages of pneumatic hoists. With the continuous progress of technology, more advanced production tools are bound to be manufactured, and pneumatic hoists are one of the most advantageous ones.

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