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Two major issues to pay attention to-pneumatic hoist

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Pneumatic hoist is a common pneumatic tool, which uses compressed air as the working medium to convert the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical energy, achieving the function of lifting goods. It mainly consists of five parts: an air motor, a reduction mechanism, an air circuit control, a braking mechanism, and a lifting mechanism. Widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, coal mining, textile, warehousing, household appliance production lines, automobile manufacturing production lines, and ship repair, it is an essential equipment for stable production, improved efficiency, and cost reduction in enterprises. Nowadays, the scope of use is becoming more and more extensive, so many enterprises are paying attention to the development of pneumatic hoists. In addition, they have encountered some problems during the use process. Today, the editor summarized two common problems, let's take a look together.

1、 What's wrong with uncontrolled lifting?

Reason 1: Prolonged work has caused damage to the control switch, resulting in loss of protection and uncontrolled operation.

Reason 2: There is a quality issue with the contactor, which is either too poor or simply unsuitable, and it cannot function properly after being burned out.

Reason 3: The working environment does not meet the usage requirements, causing damage to the controller and button failure. Therefore, attention should be paid to maintenance work in daily life.

2、 Can pneumatic hoists be used in haze weather?

In theory, pneumatic hoists cannot be used in haze weather. But now pollution is severe and haze is everywhere, and there is currently no effective method to prevent and control haze. Enterprises cannot suspend work due to the large haze, so they have to control the pneumatic hoist. Therefore, in haze weather, more attention should be paid to stable work.

In low visibility haze weather, when lifting objects to a high place, people below cannot see them. Therefore, a prominent and eye-catching warning light should be placed on the top of the pneumatic hoist, and walkie talkies should be used between various staff members to facilitate communication.

Moreover, in foggy environments, it is necessary to take measures to prevent moisture from the pneumatic hoist, apply grease to the chain, protect the equipment's markings, and dry it to prevent moisture from corroding internal parts.

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