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What are the benefits of lubricating oil for the chain of pneumatic hoists

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The load chain is an important component of the pneumatic hoist and also a load-bearing core component. The editor found that a large part of the pneumatic hoist repaired was caused by the user's long-term failure to apply lubricating oil to the pneumatic hoist chain, as identified by technical personnel. Lubricating the load chain is an important part of the maintenance of the pneumatic hoist chain. Regularly applying the load chain can not only reduce the noise generated by friction, but also extend the service life of the chain.

The role of lubricating oil

1. Lubrication effect: Chain lubrication can reduce the friction of the pneumatic hoist, improve the stability coefficient, and turn dry friction into wet friction;

2. Cooling effect to prevent chain rusting;

3. The lubricating grease itself has no corrosive effect on the chain and serves to isolate the erosion of water and other impurities in the air. At the same time, it can also neutralize the corrosion of excessive acids and alkalis on the chain;

4. Damping effect: Friction and vibration are inevitable during the lifting process, but due to the presence of lubricating oil film, the mechanical energy generated by vibration is absorbed by the oil film and converted into internal friction heat, thereby removing the energy of machine vibration through liquid friction, ensuring stable equipment operation;

5. Cleaning effect: The friction particles generated during the friction process of the chain, as well as impurities in the surrounding environment, can accelerate the surface wear of the chain, and lubricating oil can wash them out of the machine body;

6. Sealing effect: Lubricating oil not only plays a role in lubricating and reducing friction, but also enhances sealing. Lubricating grease has a special effect on forming a seal, which can prevent water vapor or other dust and impurities from entering;

Apply oil to the load chain:

1. Clean and wipe off impurities and dust adhering to the surface of the chain. If the chain is used for a long time and has a lot of dirt attached, it can be soaked in kerosene and then cleaned with a soft bristled brush; After cleaning, wipe dry with a clean cloth;

2. Lubrication: When the load chain is in an unloaded state, lubricate it back and forth;

3. Lubrication: After adding lubricating oil, start the pneumatic hoist to run its chain up and down, allowing the lubricating oil to lubricate the chain and sprocket.

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