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What are the precautions and prices for pneumatic hoists

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At present, pneumatic hoists have a relatively common application range in various enterprises, such as the quietly emerging automobile manufacturing industry and the motorcycle manufacturing industry. 

For enterprises such as the petrochemical industry, pneumatic hoists have played a significant role in their use. 

Main application areas: lifting, pulling, loading and unloading heavy objects, oil tank inversion welding, such as the installation and movement of various large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures, and mechanical equipment. 

It is more suitable for construction and installation companies, civil engineering and bridge engineering construction of factories and mines, power, ships, automobile manufacturing, engineering construction, highway, bridge construction, metallurgical industry, mining, slope tunnel construction Mechanical equipment for basic construction projects such as shaft control and protection. However, there are still many people who are not clear about the application effects and effects of pneumatic hoists. 

It should be noted that the use of pneumatic hoists has a good explosion-proof effect, which has a good performance in safety production, and of course, has a good environmental protection effect. 

Next, we will further understand the key points to pay attention to when using pneumatic hoists.

Firstly, when assembling the electric hoist, we need to also assemble the oil level display device. 

Generally, the oil level display device should be assembled at the air inlet of the pneumatic hoist. 

If the oil level display device is not assembled in a timely manner when assembling an electric hoist, the use of such pneumatic hoists will shorten their service life.

Secondly, in the air supply area of the pneumatic hoist, we should remember to assemble a gas protection net. 

After assembling this type of gas protection net, it has a better explosion-proof effect. Regarding the assembly of the above, it is necessary to control the oil output within the range of 5 drops/min. 

If the oil output is higher than this type, it will result in the use of dripping oil.

Before assembling the air supply pipe on the pneumatic hoist, remember to carry out gas flushing and other assembly steps, which can clean the garbage inside and achieve good application results. Then adjust the pressure of the air supply.

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