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What problems may occur during the operation of the pneumatic hoist

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1.Pneumatic hoist stall: During operation, the pneumatic hoist may suddenly stall, which may be caused by unstable air supply or major problems with the braking system.

2.The movement of the pneumatic hoist is not flexible: The upward and downward movements of the pneumatic hoist may become inflexible, which is usually due to problems with the control handle of the pneumatic hoist. You can try replacing the control handle separately.

3.Pneumatic hoist blockage: During operation, the pneumatic hoist may experience blockage, which may be due to compressed gas not being air, or due to incorrect operation of the pneumatic hoist and failure to comply with relevant regulations.

4.Fault in the air intake part of the pneumatic hoist: The air intake part is a common part of all pneumatic hoists. Due to normal wear or other reasons, accessories such as the air intake may break or wear out

5.Pneumatic hoist switch failure: The switch part is a common part of all pneumatic hoists. The malfunction in this section is usually caused by issues with vulnerable parts such as triggers, pins, steel balls (gas valves), etc

6.Rotating part failure of pneumatic hoist: The rotating part of pneumatic hoist is a common fault area because it is a common part of all rotating tools. The failure of the rotating part is usually due to normal wear and tear, such as damage to accessories such as blades and bearings, or due to compressed air pushing the blades to rotate the rotor, resulting in normal wear and tear during use.

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