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What should be prepared for pneumatic hoists in high-rise buildings

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Pneumatic hoist, also known as wind hoist, uses pneumatic as the power source. 

Pneumatic hoist is an ideal explosion-proof lifting equipment. 

There are three commonly used pneumatic hoists: blade type, piston type, and cylinder type. 

It mainly consists of four parts, namely the valve system, power system, deceleration system, and winch system.

Start the preparation work seriously: Firstly, place the load-bearing beam in a suitable position and control the embedded bolts inside, so that the number of reserved through-wall bolt holes and the concrete wall can be located in the designated position. 

The requirements for the upper and lower layers of bolt positions are the same, ensuring that the error cannot exceed 10mm. 

In addition, facilities such as bearing steel brackets and diagonal beams should be prepared in advance.

Processing and manufacturing of equipment: During the construction period, the production of climbing frame structure accessories must meet the current pneumatic hoist construction standards. 

During the connection period, bolts must be used, but threaded cone tapping cannot be used for connection and use. 

Some auxiliary materials, equipment, and production materials required for the simultaneous use of related accessories must meet the construction design requirements. 

Subsequently, according to regulations, the raw materials and material quality must be carefully inspected and controlled. 

When producing pneumatic hoist accessories, relevant manufacturers must have a complete plan, which includes detailed product quality inspection reports, product usage standards, as well as some technical documents and design drawings. 

In addition, the production unit must establish a complete and effective pneumatic hoist management system to ensure that key equipment and tools meet the use standards of precision parts.

Check the lifting work of the pneumatic hoist: Before lifting the pneumatic hoist, the relevant technical personnel should arrange the division of labor for the lifting slot hole of the pneumatic hoist to ensure work stability, so that every stable technical disclosure and stability responsibility work during the construction process can be implemented by each staff member. 

In addition, it is necessary to clean all obstacles, debris, and connections on the climbing frame, To ensure the cleanliness of the hoist, a no-load test is conducted on the hoist according to construction requirements, and a series of construction tools such as wrenches and jacks are prepared and improved to ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic hoist lifting work.

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