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Wireless electronic crane scale troubleshooting and solving

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As a widely used weighing tool, wireless electronic crane scale is widely used in all walks of life. In our company, we make statistical analysis of common faults in daily use and maintenance of customers, and put forward solutions.

1. No weighing signal is displayed after starting up the wireless electronic crane scale

Solutions; Firstly, check whether the battery voltage of the crane scale is normal, or change the battery; secondly, check the vehicle transmitter antenna, check the transmitter power supply; finally, check whether the instrument frequency is corresponding to the transmitter.

2 printing problems: unclear characters or no characters to print, printing paper is difficult

Solution: printing characters are unclear or no characters, check whether the ribbon has fallen off or no printing color, replace the new ribbon (see the operation manual for the replacement method). Printing out the paper is difficult because of too much dust, should be cleaned printer head, add the right amount of lubricating oil.

3 display screen number jump

Solution: check if there is any other electronic crane scale interference nearby, or change the frequency of electronic crane scale

4 inaccurate weighing

Solution: firstly, observe whether the code value is stable, check whether the power supply voltage is stable, whether the running circuit is normal, whether there is contact looseness, whether all parts of the sensor are in normal contact, and check whether the crane scale is placed smoothly.

The electronic crane scale cannot be started

Solution: firstly, check whether the machine cannot be started due to the instability of external power supply, and replace it with other power supply for testing. Then check the electronic crane balance circuit, voltage regulator circuit, display circuit whether there is a fault. If the problem cannot be solved, it should be timely sent to the after-sales service for maintenance.

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