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Explosion-proof electric hoist hook without spark protection

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Explosion-proof electric hoist is a compact, light and small electric lifting equipment used in explosive environment. At present, the supporting spreader of explosion-proof electric hoist produced in China is still a universal hook device for electric hoist. It is inevitable that there will be mechanical shock and friction between the hook and the outside metal parts and the ground, which may lead to metal sparks.

In explosive environment, especially in the explosive gas environment work special explosion-proof electric hoist hook, the sliding shaft, bearing, butterfly spring, shaft with elastic ring, beam hook, hook, hook nut with a locking device and other parts, these parts of the size of the shape and structure group into with specifications of the general-purpose electric hoist hook is the same, but in May produce mechanical shock and friction on the part of implementing no spark protection.

1. The outer surface of the hook is covered with non-spark protective layer

2. Use MC cast nylon to make pulley for hook device

3. Protect the exposed surface of nuts and beams with a copper cap and washer.

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