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1000kg Digital Weighing Scale Electronic Digital Scale

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    Digital crane scales come in various types, each designed to meet specific requirements and applications. The classification of digital crane scales can be based on factors such as their design, features, capacity, and intended use. Here are some common types of digital crane scales:

    Standard Digital Crane Scales:

    Standard digital crane scales are versatile and designed for general-purpose weighing applications. They come in different weight capacities and are suitable for use in warehouses, manufacturing, and material handling.

    High-Capacity Crane Scales:

    High-capacity crane scales are specifically designed to handle extremely heavy loads. These scales often have a robust construction and can accommodate loads that exceed the capacity of standard scales. They are used in industries such as shipping, construction, and heavy equipment handling.

    Compact and Low-Profile Crane Scales:

    Compact and low-profile crane scales are designed for applications where space is limited. They have a more streamlined design and are suitable for use in tight spaces or on smaller lifting devices.

    Wireless Crane Scales:

    Wireless crane scales feature wireless communication capabilities, allowing the weight data to be transmitted to remote displays or recording devices. This type of scale enhances convenience and flexibility in data management.

    Waterproof Crane Scales:

    Waterproof crane scales are designed to withstand exposure to moisture and environmental elements. They are suitable for use in outdoor settings, marine environments, or applications where water resistance is essential.

    ATEX-Certified Crane Scales:

    ATEX-certified crane scales are designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. These scales comply with ATEX directives, ensuring safety in environments where there is a risk of explosive gases or dust.

    Tension Link Crane Scales:

    Tension link crane scales are integrated into a tension link or shackle, providing a direct connection for lifting applications. These scales are commonly used in lifting and tension measurement.

    Dynamometer Crane Scales:

    Dynamometer crane scales are designed to measure force or tension. They are often used in applications where the force exerted by the load is a critical parameter, such as in load testing or force measurement.

    Smart Crane Scales:

    Smart crane scales may feature advanced technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, or cloud-based data storage. These scales offer enhanced data management and connectivity options.

    Multi-Load Cell Crane Scales:

    Multi-load cell crane scales use multiple load cells to distribute the load, providing increased accuracy and stability. These scales are suitable for applications where precision is critical.

    Crane Scale with Built-in Printer:

    Some crane scales come with a built-in printer, allowing users to generate hard copies of weight data on-site. This can be useful for documentation and record-keeping.

    High-Temperature Crane Scales:

    High-temperature crane scales are designed to operate in environments with elevated temperatures, such as foundries or industrial processes. They can withstand heat without compromising performance.

    The specific features and capabilities of digital crane scales can vary widely among manufacturers and models. When selecting a crane scale, it's essential to consider factors such as capacity, accuracy, environmental conditions, and any specific requirements of the intended application.




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