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Summarize the structural characteristics of the main components of the wire rope electric hoist

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The main component structural characteristics of explosion-proof steel wire rope electric hoist can be summarized as follows:


Structural features: The reducer of explosion-proof electric hoists usually uses standard modulus cylindrical gears, which are divided into three or four stages of reduction to meet different load requirements. The material of gears and shafts is alloy steel, which has high strength and wear resistance.

Lubrication operation: All reducers are equipped with rolling bearings, and the outer shell is made of high-quality cast iron, with good sealing and superior dust prevention performance. According to the maintenance cycle, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil to ensure the smooth operation of the reducer.

Explosion proof motor

Structural features: The explosion-proof electric hoist adopts a fully enclosed squirrel cage brake motor with an automatic braking device, which can stop the hoist in a short time after the motor is powered off. The outer shell material of electric motors is often made of HT200 high-grade cast iron, which has undergone water pressure testing to ensure safety.

Lubrication requirements: The motor bearings of explosion-proof electric hoists need to be regularly lubricated with lubricating oil, usually every 6 months, using SYB 1403-59 calcium based grease lubricating oil, with a filling amount of 2/3 of the bearing room space.

Drum device

Structural features: The drum device is made of cast iron or thick walled seamless steel pipes and placed inside a steel shell. The drum is connected to the reducer through a keyhole, and the other end is connected to the motor end cover. There are threaded grooves on the drum for winding steel wire ropes, and the ropes are arranged in an orderly manner through a rope guide.

Lubrication requirements: Steel wire rope lubricating grease needs to be regularly added between the steel wire rope and the drum to ensure smooth operation of the steel wire rope and reduce wear.

Operating mechanism

Structural features: The operating mechanism is electric, consisting of a driving wheel section and a driven wheel section. The driving wheel part includes a walking motor with a brake and a two-stage spur gear transmission mechanism to ensure the stable operation of the electric hoist.

Safety: The operating mechanism is equipped with a limiter, which can immediately cut off the power supply when the hook reaches the upper and lower limit positions, ensuring safe operation.

Explosion proof motor and explosion-proof electrical control box

Structural features: The motor and control box of the explosion-proof electric hoist are designed to be explosion-proof, ensuring safe operation in flammable and explosive environments. The explosion-proof motor and electrical control box are both independent explosion-proof structures, which improve overall safety.

Steel wire rope

Features: The steel wire rope is wound on the drum through a guide and fixed with a rope pressing plate. The end of the steel wire rope is fastened to the drum by bolts, making it easy to disassemble, replace, and maintain.

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