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MPHD pneumatic balancer

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    MPHD pneumatic balancer

    Makita standard pneumatic balancer it is a new type of pneumatic lifting tool, pneumatic hoist is more suitable for precise positioning occasions.

    • two types of "floating" characteristics are provided for the pneumatic balance device of makita: 1. Floating up and down 400mm; 2. Floating with a full stroke of 3 meters;

    • the single rope pneumatic balancer of the mother can easily realize the lifting up and down and left and right movement of the load without hindrance by both hands, avoiding the problem of inaccurate positioning of the common balancer;

    • makita pneumatic balancing device has the function of cut-off protection and overload protection. In the case of sudden cut-off, it can make the workpiece not drop, not drop, safe and reliable operation;

    • mesuda pneumatic balancing device has lm/s lifting speed, which is adjusted by air control valve, low gas consumption, high frequency operation, low gas consumption;

    • MPHD standard pneumatic balancer is powered by air source, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and its internal lubrication system is designed to effectively eliminate air pollution.

    Note: MPHD pneumatic balancer can provide original accessories: control handle, balance control valve, steel wire rope, lifting hook and slide rail, etc.


    • lifting capacity: 250kg-100t

    • barometric pressure: 4 bar or 6 bar

    • practice has proved that: in any environment where safety is the priority, makuda pneumatic hoist is the best choice. Compared with the current drive, the compressed gas as the driving medium will not produce any spark. The features of this structure make the pneumatic hoist especially suitable for working in dangerous environment.

    M series pneumatic hoist products are very solid and reliable, so it is suitable for use in hard industry, and even can be used in connection with the working condition, according to different needs, we have different controllers and rollers, if lateral loading, we a variety of walking car to meet your needs.

    • makita M series pneumatic hoist has achieved excellent performance in the following industries:

    Aircraft manufacturing, assembly lines, chemical industry, dairy processing plants, electroplating plants, fireworks and firecrackers factories, food industry; Foundry, furniture factory, glass industry, paint factory, match factory, mechanical engineering, automobile industry, oil depot, onshore and offshore operations, paint shop, paper industry, power plant, finishing plant, sawmill, shipbuilding, space technology, steel mill, textile industry.

    Standard features

    1.Applicable to dangerous areas

    2.sensitive variable control can ensure that the weight of the accurate lifting

    3.Easy to operate

    4.Suitable for non - lubricating operation

    5.It can be used frequently and infinitely

    6.Low maintenance

    7.Not sensitive to dust and humidity, temperatures range from -20 c to -70 c

    8.Over 1 ton are equipped with overload protection device

    The technical details

    1. Pneumatic automatic fault prevention, low maintenance blade motor

    2. The sprocket bearing is a dustproof ball bearing

    3. Butter lubricates the planetary gears, all of which are made of fine tempered and quenched steel

    4. Chains and hooks are made of high quality quenched and tempered steel with a safety factor five times the standard tensile strength

    Advantages briefly

    Strong - fast - quiet: enhanced power, extremely reliable and higher lift and drop speed, low volume launch.

    Safety first: equipped with emergency stop button to quickly cut off air supply. Over a ton of goods with overload safety devices.

    Avant-garde design, compact structure: control pipe and other



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