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    The technical parameters of an electric chain hoist designed for entertainment stages can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, here are some common technical parameters and features you might find in electric chain hoists used in the entertainment industry:

    Load Capacity:

    Load capacity refers to the maximum weight the hoist can lift. Common load capacities for entertainment stage hoists can range from a few hundred kilograms to several tons.

    Lifting Speed:

    Lifting speed is the rate at which the hoist can raise the load. Entertainment hoists often have variable lifting speeds to accommodate different applications and preferences.

    Power Supply:

    Electric chain hoists typically operate on electrical power. The power supply may be single-phase or three-phase, depending on the model and the application.

    Control Options:

    Hoists may offer various control options, including pendant control, remote control, or integrated control systems. Some hoists may be compatible with digital control systems for precise and synchronized movement.

    Hoist Height:

    Hoist height refers to the maximum vertical distance the load can be lifted. The hoist height can vary, and users may choose a hoist with a suitable lifting height based on the stage setup.

    Duty Cycle:

    The duty cycle indicates how long the hoist can operate continuously within a specific time frame. Entertainment hoists are often designed for frequent use and may have a high duty cycle.

    Safety Features:

    Safety features are crucial in entertainment applications. Common safety features include overload protection, emergency stop functions, limit switches, and thermal protection for the motor.

    Construction and Design:

    The construction and design of the hoist can include factors such as corrosion-resistant materials, compact size for space constraints, and a durable housing suitable for stage environments.

    Noise Level:

    Some electric hoists are designed to operate quietly, which is important in entertainment settings where noise levels can be a concern.


    Hoists may come with various certifications, ensuring they meet safety and performance standards. Common certifications include CE (Conformité Européenne) and others specific to regional standards.

    It's essential to consult the product specifications and technical documentation provided by the manufacturer for the specific electric chain hoist model you are considering. Additionally, working with experienced professionals in the entertainment industry can provide valuable insights into selecting the right hoist for your stage setup.



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