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Analysis of the reasons for the failure of starting the steel wire rope electric hoist

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We can summarize and summarize the reasons for the failure of starting the wire rope electric hanging basket (electric hoist) from multiple aspects. The following is a breakdown and detailed analysis of possible causes:

1、 Power supply issue

Power supply not connected or plug not securely inserted:

Before starting the electric hanging basket, it is necessary to ensure that the power plug is firmly inserted into the socket and the power is connected normally.

Check if the power switch is in the on state and if there is any damage or open circuit in the power circuit.

Unbalanced three-phase power supply or incorrect phase sequence:

Electric hanging baskets usually use three-phase power supply. If the three-phase power supply is unbalanced or the phase sequence is incorrect, it can cause the motor to fail to start normally.

It is necessary to use tools such as a multimeter to check whether the three-phase voltage is balanced and confirm whether the phase sequence is correct.

Blown fuse:

A blown fuse is one of the common electrical faults in electric hanging baskets, which may be caused by circuit short circuits, overload, and other reasons.

Regularly check the status of the fuse, and replace it promptly if there is any melting phenomenon.

2、 Electrical component failure

Damaged start button:

The start button is a key component that controls the start of the electric hanging basket, and if damaged, it can lead to the inability to start.

Check if the start button is intact, and replace it promptly if it is damaged.

Electromagnetic brake malfunction:

Electromagnetic brake is an important safety device for electric hanging baskets. If the brake fails or is damaged, it will affect the start and operation of the electric hanging basket.

Check if the coils, rectifier blocks, and other components of the electromagnetic brake are intact. If they are damaged, they should be replaced in a timely manner.

Thermal relay capacitor not reset:

A thermal relay is used to protect the motor from overload and overheating damage. If the capacitor is not reset, it will cause the motor to fail to start.

Check the status of the thermal relay. If it is not reset, press the reset button.

3、 Mechanical failure

Wire rope stuck:

The steel wire rope stuck inside the hoist can cause the electric suspension basket to fail to start or operate unevenly.

In such situations, the machine should be immediately shut down for inspection and professional maintenance personnel should be consulted for handling.

Improper adjustment of brake clearance:

Excessive or insufficient brake clearance can affect the start and operation of the electric suspension basket.

Adjust the brake clearance to the appropriate range according to the equipment manual.

4、 Other factors

Control circuit failure:

Damage or poor contact of the control circuit can also cause the electric suspension basket to fail to start.

Check if the control circuit is intact, and repair it promptly if there is any damage.


The load capacity of electric hanging baskets is limited, and if the load is too heavy, it will cause the motor to fail to start or run difficult.

Ensure that the electric hanging basket operates within the rated load range.

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