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Analysis of the reasons why electric chain hoists prefer to be dry but not wet

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The reasons why electric chain hoists prefer dry environments over humid environments can be mainly attributed to the following aspects:

 Sensitivity of electrical components

1. The motor is prone to damage

The motor is the core component of the electric chain hoist, and its internal structure is tight and not easy to ventilate. Once the interior of the motor is in a damp state for a long time, it can cause the motor winding to become damp, reduce insulation performance, and may lead to safety hazards such as short circuits and leakage. In addition, humid environments can accelerate the corrosion and aging of internal components of the motor, shortening its service life.

Source reference: Although detailed information on the impact of moisture on electric chain hoist motors may not be directly available, the sensitivity of electrical components of similar equipment to humid environments is common.

2. Control circuit affected

The control circuit of the electric chain hoist is also sensitive to humid environments. Dampness may cause oxidation and corrosion of connectors, contacts, and other components in the circuit, leading to poor contact and signal distortion, affecting the normal operation and control accuracy of the equipment.

Corrosion resistance of mechanical components

1. Corrosion of chains and components

The chains and some metal components of electric chain hoists are prone to rust and corrosion in humid environments. These corrosion phenomena not only reduce the mechanical properties of components, such as strength and toughness, but may also lead to serious consequences such as chain breakage and component failure, posing a threat to the safe operation of equipment.

Especially in acidic rainwater environments, the corrosion rate will be faster. The acidic substances in rainwater can accelerate the oxidation and corrosion process of metal surfaces.

Source reference: As mentioned in reference article 

2, acidic rainwater can corrode the chains and components of the electric hoist, leading to rusting and corrosion.

Stability of equipment performance

1. Reduced lubrication effect

The chains and transmission components in electric chain hoists require good lubrication to maintain their normal operation. However, in humid environments, lubricants are prone to failure or being washed away, resulting in a decrease in lubrication effectiveness and increased friction and wear between components.

2. Unstable electrical performance

Wet environments may also cause fluctuations and instability in the electrical performance of electric chain hoists. For example, changes in humidity may cause changes in the parameters of components such as resistors and capacitors in the circuit, thereby affecting the control accuracy and stability of the equipment.

The complexity of maintenance and upkeep

1. Increased difficulty in maintenance and upkeep

Electric chain hoists used in humid environments require more frequent maintenance and upkeep. This includes cleaning water stains on the surface of the equipment, checking the insulation performance of electrical components, and replacing damaged parts. These tasks not only increase maintenance costs, but may also affect the normal operation time of the equipment.

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