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Attention should be paid to the use of explosion-proof electric hoists at different stages

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When using explosion-proof electric hoists, the following key points need to be noted at different stages to ensure the safety of operation and the normal operation of the equipment:

Preparation and inspection before use

Equipment inspection:

Check the mechanical parts of the explosion-proof electric hoist, including steel wire ropes, hooks, limiters, etc., to ensure that they are intact and free from damage or wear.

Check if the grounding device of the equipment is in good condition, and ensure that protective measures such as grounding insulation and explosion-proof are in place.

Check the power cables and switches to ensure good insulation and no leakage.

Lubrication and cleaning:

Maintain sufficient lubricating oil for the electric hoist and ensure that the lubricating oil is clean and free of impurities and dirt.

Regularly clean the dust and debris on the equipment to keep it clean.

Installation location selection:

Choose the installation location that meets the needs and ensure ease of operation and maintenance.

Precautions during operation

Safe operation:

Operated by dedicated personnel and fully familiar with safety operating procedures, overloading lifting or diagonal pulling of heavy objects is strictly prohibited.

It is strictly prohibited to operate the hoist while drinking alcohol, taking medication, or falling ill.

It is prohibited to use under immature conditions, exceeding the rated load, or closing more than 120 times per hour.

Inspection and maintenance:

Every time a heavy object is lifted, it should be stopped 10cm above the ground to check the braking situation, and work can only be carried out after confirming that it is in good condition.

Regularly check whether the installation of the hoist is firm, and whether the steel wire rope, lifting hook and other components are intact.

If any abnormalities are found during work, the vehicle should be stopped immediately for inspection, the cause should be identified and dealt with before continuing work.

Personnel safety:

When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to stand below the lifted object.

Ensure that heavy objects are not suspended in the air during work breaks and are placed steadily and firmly.

Cleaning and maintenance after use

Cut off power:

After completing the work, the main switch of the power supply must be opened and the power supply must be cut off.

Equipment maintenance:

Regularly maintain and upkeep the equipment, check if the connections of each component are tight, and replace worn or damaged components in a timely manner.

Regularly lubricate and maintain the steel wire rope to ensure its normal operation.

Record and report:

Record the inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the equipment for future reference and traceability.

By strictly adhering to the above precautions, it is possible to ensure the safe use and normal operation of explosion-proof electric hoists at different stages, reduce accident risks, and improve work efficiency.

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