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Can explosion-proof electric hoists be used in any place with explosion-proof requirements

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Explosion proof electric cranes can be used in specific locations with explosion-proof requirements, as follows:

Chemical industry: suitable for places with flammable and explosive gases or liquids such as chemical factories, oil depots, and oil fields.

Coal mining industry: suitable for workplaces with combustible gases underground and on the surface of coal mines.

Oil and gas industry: suitable for places with explosion hazards such as oil and gas exploration, production, and storage.

Pharmaceutical industry: suitable for environments with dust and gas explosion hazards such as pharmaceutical factories and laboratories.

Paint and coating industry: suitable for places with flammable liquids such as paint manufacturing, storage, and spraying.

The explosion-proof electric crane is mainly designed to prevent explosions at the workplace during operation, rather than to prevent explosions of the crane. For example, the LB explosion-proof electric single beam crane has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, strong explosion-proof performance, and high safety. It has a lifting weight of 1-10 tons, a span of 7.5-22.5 meters, a working level of A3-A5, a lifting height of 6-30 meters, a working environment of -25 ℃ to+40 ℃, and an explosion-proof level of Exd Ⅱ BT4 and Exd Ⅱ CT4.

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