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Can pneumatic hoists be used in the textile industry

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Due to the high density of personnel during textile industry operations, as well as the high temperature and noise of the working environment, as well as the presence of chemical substances such as dyes and a lot of cotton with dust in the air, barometers and thermometers can be seen everywhere in the factory, which seems to warn people to be vigilant against accidents. 

At the same time, the textile industry is also a highly polluting industry, so the hidden dangers in operations cannot be ignored. 

It is under such harsh and dangerous production conditions that the advantages of pneumatic hoists are better demonstrated.

The pneumatic hoist uses compressed air as the power source, controls the air channel for the hoist to rise and travel, completely eliminates the use of electricity, saves factory resources, and the internal lubrication system eliminates air pollution and reduces noise output. 

When working in the textile industry, cotton flying in the air and pneumatic hoists do not produce sparks or ignite substances such as dust in the air, fundamentally preventing the occurrence of explosions.

Even in high temperature, low temperature, and high pressure environments, the pneumatic hoist still operates smoothly and normally at temperatures above 60. 

The temperature at the production site has a surplus on the performance of the pneumatic hoist, and the pneumatic hoist also has good anti-corrosion function and resistance to chemical dyes. 

Suitable for installation in textile factories without the need for technical personnel, and can be used after training.

In addition to the above advantages, pneumatic hoists also have the advantages of accurate positioning, simple use, overload protection, air isolation protection, high durability, and good performance. 

Therefore, they are widely used in flammable, high temperature, high dust, and high corrosion industries such as chemical, painting, logistics, docks, ship repairs, and construction industries

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