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What are the classifications of pneumatic hoists

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I believe many people are familiar with the pneumatic hoist equipment. 

Among many lifting equipment, pneumatic hoist is more in line with people's usage characteristics. 

This equipment has become an indispensable tool in many businesses, so what are the classifications? 

This device has been classified for different usage locations and functions.

1、 Basic classification

The main feature is the circular chain, mini, and ultra-low pneumatic hoist. 

In fact, its classification is not just these, but there are many classified products, and each classification plays an important role in the relative industry. 

Therefore, when choosing pneumatic hoist, the classification chosen is also different for each industry, and the more classifications, the higher the satisfaction of industry demand.

2、 Classification by use

There are three types of pneumatic hoists: blade type, piston type, and cylinder type. 

Manufacturers will choose based on the characteristics of these three types of pneumatic hoists. 

There are many companies producing cylinder and piston types, and they have already been used in many commercial applications. 

However, there are relatively few manufacturers of blade type pneumatic hoists, which can become a development direction in the future.

The classification of pneumatic hoists is relatively common, as it is currently used in many industries. 

If there are few classifications, it is difficult to meet the needs of different industries. 

Moreover, the major advantages of pneumatic hoists lie in their explosion resistance and safety. 

Therefore, regardless of the classification, these two advantages exist, and with the continuous upgrading of technology, more advanced products will appear in the future.

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