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Can the electric hoist be used directly upon arrival

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The answer to the question of whether electric hoists can be used directly is that they cannot be used directly and need to meet a series of conditions and inspections before they can be used safely. Here are some key points:

Inspection and testing:

Before using an electric hoist, it is necessary to carefully read and understand the user manual, familiarize oneself with the operating methods and safety requirements of the equipment.

A safety inspection must be carried out, including checking whether the power cord, control device, and various components are intact and securely connected.

The newly installed electric hoist should undergo a 125% overload test before use, with the lifting object 100mm above the ground and a dwell time of 10 minutes.

Environmental requirements:

Electric hoists must be used under sufficient ventilation, dryness, no corrosive gases, and reliable power supply conditions.

In humid, explosive or highly corrosive environments, appropriate safety equipment should be selected.

Operator requirements:

Operators must receive relevant training and possess relevant operational knowledge and skills.

The operator must understand the structural performance of the electric hoist and be familiar with safety operating procedures.

Security control:

When using an electric hoist, it is necessary to ensure that its rated load meets the required weight and cannot be overloaded.

We must comply with the "Ten No Lifting" system to ensure the safety of the lifting process.

Equipment maintenance:

Before using the electric hoist, it is necessary to check whether it is operating properly, especially whether the circuit, brake, etc. are working properly.

After use, maintenance and upkeep are required, and the equipment should be stored in a safe location.

Compliance with standards:

The use of electric hoists should comply with relevant national safety regulations and operating procedures, especially national standards and other laws and regulations on the use of electric hoists.

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