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Can the pneumatic hoist be used after deformation

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Pneumatic hoist equipment is a powerful lifting device with a comfortable appearance. 

Before using the pneumatic hoist, it needs to be inspected.

 If there is any deformation of the pneumatic hoist, it cannot be used anymore. 

Whether the casing, chain or hook is deformed, it can cause a decrease in construction stability. 

Let's follow the editor to learn more about the deformation fault status of the pneumatic hoist.

1. The deformation state of the casing. 

The deformation of the cover of the pneumatic hoist will reduce the internal space of the cover. 

When the cover of the gourd is deformed and squeezed inward, the internal components will inevitably be affected and deformed, or they will be squeezed during continuous use and operation, making it impossible to complete normal cycle operation.

 In this situation, the performance of the construction work will inevitably be affected, and further damage to internal components will occur.

 Therefore, this situation requires operators to stop working.

2. The chain part is deformed.

 Chain is one of the important components in the lifting process. 

When the chain deforms, there will inevitably be problems with the teeth of the sprocket during the lifting process; Phenomena such as chain jamming, sudden chain breakage, and heavy object falling will occur one after another. So when there is deformation in the pneumatic hoist chain, it is not allowed to continue using it.

 Please ask the operator to replace the damaged chain to ensure stable use.

3. The hook is deformed, including the upper hook and the lower hook.

 The hook is a component that connects and supports heavy objects, and no abnormalities are allowed. 

Operators should carefully observe the hook before using the chain pneumatic hoist. 

If the hook deforms, it can damage the heavy object and easily cause the hook to break and the heavy object to detach. 

If the hook deforms, it is prohibited to continue using it, otherwise it will be dangerous if heavy objects detach.

When the pneumatic hoist is in a deformed state, it is prohibited for users to continue using it. 

We need to first replace the deformed parts with new ones to ensure that the equipment operates well and has reliable performance before continuing construction operations. 

Ensuring construction stability from multiple aspects is fundamental.

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