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Why does the steel wire rope break when using the pneumatic hoist

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The power of the pneumatic hoist mainly comes from compressed air, which has the advantage of being easy to control and therefore has a wide range of applications. Nowadays, many enterprises are using this type of hoist, but sometimes during the use process, they encounter situations where the steel wire rope of the hoist suddenly breaks, causing damage to the goods and seriously injuring surrounding staff.

During the process of lifting goods, steel wire ropes bear various and complex forces. For example, when lifting, it needs to withstand tensile force, when the steel wire rope is wound on the drum, it needs to withstand bending force, and when many strands of steel wire rope are wound together, it also needs to withstand squeezing force. 

When the steel wire rope is wound on the pulley, various forces converge, causing fatigue of the steel wire rope. 

In addition, the wear between the steel wire rope and the pulley leads to the fracture of the steel wire rope.

Experiments have shown that the occurrence of wire breakage in steel wire ropes using pneumatic hoists varies under different usage environments.

Firstly, the radius of the wire rope wrapped around the pulley has a significant impact on the wire rope.

 If the diameter of the pulley is smaller, the bending deformation that the steel wire rope bears will also be greater, and the bending force it bears will increase accordingly. 

In this case, the friction between the steel wire rope and the pulley will increase significantly, leading to increased wear and tear. 

The more likely the steel wire rope is to fatigue, the greater the probability of wire breakage.

Secondly, the pressure borne by the steel wire rope of the pneumatic hoist is closely related to the contact surface of the pulley. 

If the contact area between the steel wire rope and the pulley is larger, the pressure it bears will also be smaller, and vice versa. 

The greater the pressure, the easier the wire rope is to break.

Once again, the contact stress borne by the point contact steel wire rope is relatively large. 

Mainly due to bearing forces from different directions, the strength loss has also increased significantly. 

Generally speaking, this contact method of steel wire rope has a longer service life than wire contact.

Moreover, when there are a large number of broken wires in the steel wire rope between a certain lay distance, but it has not yet completely broken, the chance of wire breakage is very high, and it is possible to break it as soon as it is used.

In the same situation, the better the quality of the selected steel wire rope, the higher its resistance to pressure, and the longer its use time, making it less prone to wire breakage.

To find the cause of wire rope breakage when using a pneumatic hoist, we need to first understand how the wire rope is subjected to force. 

Only when the cause is found can appropriate methods be used to solve it, avoiding the possibility of wire breakage and delaying production in the future. 

Of course, in order to ensure the safety of the use of the hoist, we need to purchase qualified pneumatic hoist products and steel wire ropes.

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