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Can the pulley part of the low net empty chain hoist be easily modified

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Low net empty hand chain hoist is a lightweight lifting tool that combines a hand chain hoist and a lifting pulley. It can be directly fixed on an I-beam for lifting heavy objects. Someone wants to modify its pulley part into a lifting tool that can be hung elsewhere?

Low net empty hand chain hoist

Obviously, this is not possible. Firstly, the pulley part of the low net empty hand chain hoist is connected to the hand chain hoist part. If the pulley part is arbitrarily modified, it will affect other components on the hand chain hoist, thereby affecting its overall operational efficiency; Secondly, due to the special structure of the low clearance hand chain hoist, if the pulley is modified, its actual clearance height will also change, which may cause accidents during operation and lead to safety hazards; Finally, arbitrarily disassembling components may also cause damage to the overall performance of the hoist, thereby affecting the actual performance of the low net empty hand chain hoist.

So, the pulley part of the low net empty hand chain hoist cannot be modified arbitrarily. When we have other operational needs, we should choose suitable specifications of hand chain hoist products for operation, and do not cause irreparable consequences due to arbitrary modification of machinery.

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