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Common sense of using pneumatic gourds

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There are many classifications of pneumatic hoists, and each classification has good applications in every situation. 

Whether domestically or internationally, it is widely used. 

This type of lifting equipment has almost occupied the lifting market, so when using it, one should understand some common sense, otherwise it is easy to cause incorrect operations. Below, we will introduce it from several aspects.

Usage rules

The components of the pneumatic hoist must meet the standards, and the original design cannot be modified. 

Throwing is not allowed. 

The support points are relatively firm and stable, and the safety of the chain and steel wire rope should be greater than or equal to 6. 

The lower hook is not allowed to be lifted from the chain that is not allowed to be buckled.

Safety considerations

When working in some harsh environments, it is important to pay attention to working hours and conduct safety checks before work. 

During the work process, safety assessments should also be conducted on the pneumatic hoist. 

The pneumatic hoist itself comes with a silencer and explosion-proof system, so there is generally no electric spark generated. 

If this phenomenon suddenly occurs, it should be stopped in a timely manner. 

And the weight carried by each classification is different, so it is important to understand this issue before using it.

The operating speed of the pneumatic hoist is relatively fast, higher than other lifting equipment, and it can work safely in some special environments. 

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure safety before using it. 

Although its own advantages are more in line with people's requirements, it is also important to choose a legitimate manufacturer, otherwise low-quality products will also cause safety hazards.

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