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How to maintain the pneumatic hoist

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Lifting equipment can be used in many industrial occasions, and there are now many types of lifting equipment. 

The pneumatic hoist is a relatively good one, which can be used in many industrialized countries and industrial sites because it not only has high safety, but also is suitable for working in multiple environments. 

Therefore, the pneumatic hoist brings great convenience to people, However, attention should also be paid to daily maintenance work during use.

1、 When not using pneumatic hoists, they should be placed in a relatively dry and safe location to avoid damage caused by collisions.

2、 Insulation protection should be provided for the power supply, otherwise it may cause damage to the power supply and cause leakage during use.

3、 After use, wipe it clean with a dry cloth and do not store the pneumatic hoist with water, especially in the chain part. It is important to ensure that it is dry before storing, otherwise it can easily cause corrosion.

4、 Even when the pneumatic hoist is not in use, the equipment should be regularly inspected. 

When in use, especially the lubrication system of the equipment, lubricants should be added in a timely manner to avoid friction between parts.

5、 When using, it is necessary to follow the formal operating procedures in the manual. Incorrect use can easily damage the machine and create safety hazards.

No matter what type of equipment is used in daily life, maintenance work should be done well in order to extend the service life of the equipment and better protect its performance. 

During the use and preservation of pneumatic hoists, obstacles may inevitably arise. 

Therefore, when it is found that equipment parts are damaged or damaged, they should be repaired in a timely manner. 

The repair should be targeted, and damage to parts should not be tolerated.

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