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Differences between pneumatic hoist and electric hoist

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There are many types of equipment in the lifting industry, such as pneumatic hoists and electric hoists.

Do you know what equipment to use in what environment? 

How to choose a product that suits you? 

You need to accumulate some knowledge in your daily life and know how to handle it once you encounter it. 

For electric hoists, there are simply too many varieties, including wire rope electric hoists, chain electric hoists, pneumatic electric hoists, stage electric hoists, and so on. 

The variety is dazzling, how to choose?

Next, let's talk specifically about the difference between electric care and pneumatic hoists?

1: Different principles

The pneumatic hoist is powered by the action of air, which drives the internal components to lift and pull heavy objects. 

It does not use a power source and has better explosion-proof performance. 

However, ordinary electric hoists achieve the purpose of lifting heavy objects by using a 220V power supply or an industrial 380V power supply, which can cause inconvenience during power outages.

2: Better load capacity

Pneumatic hoist, with a small load capacity of 250kg and a large load capacity of up to 100 tons. 

The electric hoist has a load capacity of 490kg and can reach a load capacity of 30 tons. 

The operating speed of these two devices is also different. 

The operating speed of the pneumatic hoist is relatively fast, almost four times that of the electric hoist, and its operating speed can still be adjusted. 

If we lift at high altitude, we can slow down the operating speed a bit, making the equipment operate more stably.

3: There is a difference in lifting speed

The lifting speed of pneumatic hoists can reach 100 tons, while ordinary electric hoists can only reach 30 tons

4: There are differences in stability performance

The pneumatic hoist uses air as the original power, which is more stable and does not generate sparks during operation. 

It has better explosion-proof ability and is more stable. 

Electric hoists may experience leakage during the use of power, and sparks may occur if the protection is not good. 

Cables should be placed stably during normal times.

The above is the difference between the two types of electric hoists we have explained. 

When purchasing, you need to determine your own usage environment, be sure to use it stably, and store it carefully. 

Through our introduction, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the differences between these two devices. 

Of course, each of these two devices has its advantages and disadvantages, and we can make purchases based on our own actual situation.

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