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Do you know the installation of chain electric hoists

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How to install the chain electric hoist? Today, I will mainly explain the installation method of the chain electric hoist:

1. The electric hoist is lifted using a split machine and installed by assembling the beams.

2. Before installing the electric hoist, the tracks should be strictly parallel and on the same horizontal plane.

3. Before installation, carefully count and inspect the components of the electric hoist according to the packing list. 

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4. Before installation, relevant personnel should be arranged to carefully study the drawings and solve the deformation and defects caused by improper transportation and storage according to skill requirements.

5. During the lifting process, there should be approximately two lifting points. 

The lifting point is located in a symmetrical direction in the middle of the equipment and requires sufficient rigidity. 

The binding at the lifting point should be equipped with padding, mainly consisting of walking wheels or main beams, and should be selected at both ends of the bridge as much as possible.

6. Firstly, lift the walking car and attach it to one side of the car's trajectory, fixing and bundling it firmly.

7. When lifting the electric hoist in place, after lifting to a certain height, assemble the backpack and other components onto the electric hoist according to the drawing requirements, and then lift them all in place.

8. When installing, it is advisable to first cut off the lifting hooks used for transportation.

9. When assembling electric hoists, the end beam bolt holes should be used as the positioning reference, and all connecting plates should be assembled according to the factory number. 

The orientation should not be changed arbitrarily. 

Use a torque wrench to tighten high-strength bolts according to the planned torque value.

10. After the installation of the chain electric hoist, it is necessary to conduct a dynamic load test before starting the lifting operation.

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