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Different Treatment for Low Net Empty Hand Pulled Gourd in the South and North in Spring

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The editor in the north clearly feels that the weather has been warming up recently, with grass growing and birds flying, and all things reviving, but the problem of dryness has also come with it. What will spring look like in the south? Recalling the poem by Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu, "During the Qingming Festival, rain falls heavily." At this time, even if spring in the south is not rainy, there should be plenty of rain. The dryness in the north contrasts sharply with the wetness in the south, so we should also pay attention to distinguishing when maintaining low purity empty hand pulled gourds.

Maintenance tips for spring chain hoists in the north: Spring in the north is dry, windy, and dusty. Dry and windy conditions make it easy for the applied lubricating oil to dry out, resulting in poor lubrication and severe wear on the gourd. The solution can only be to apply lubricating oil more frequently. Excessive sand and dust can cause impurities to enter the surface and interior of the aircraft, leading to increased wear and tear if not cleaned in a timely manner. So, it is necessary to clean it every once in a while during use and thoroughly clean it after use.

Maintenance tips for spring chain hoists in the south: Spring in the south is rainy and humid. In a humid environment, the chain hoist is prone to rusting, so anti rust oil should be applied and placed in a dry place. However, the air in the south is inherently humid, so even when placed in a dry place, extra attention should be paid. For example, placing moisture-proof agents, desiccants, and other substances around gourds can absorb moisture from the air and provide additional protection against rust.

I hope that friends from both the north and south can take their seats according to their geographical location and find the spring maintenance precautions for low net empty hand chain hoists that are suitable. Do not take it lightly.

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