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Discussion on the characteristics and usage rules of pneumatic hoists

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It is said that science and technology are productive forces, and indeed, the development of science and technology has driven the innovation of various mechanical equipment, thereby promoting the development of production. In the field of lifting machinery and equipment, the upgrading of hoists is very rapid, from hand chain hoists to electric hoists, and now to pneumatic hoists, injecting new vitality into industrial production and processing. So, what kind of gourd is pneumatic gourd and what are its characteristics? How to use it safely?

The main components of the pneumatic hoist include the lifting part, the walking part, and the air distribution system. The lifting part utilizes a pneumatic motor as the power source, and is supplemented by facilities such as brakes, hooks, reducers, and controllers to achieve the lifting of heavy objects; The walking part is actually a small car, powered by a pneumatic motor, which can achieve horizontal movement after lifting; The gas distribution system, also known as the power control system of the entire hoist, controls the lifting and moving of heavy objects by controlling the release of compressed air.

Compared with other traditional gourds, pneumatic gourds have many advantages.

Firstly, the positioning of pneumatic hoists is precise. Other traditional hoists are prone to deviations when lifting and moving heavy objects, often requiring manual repeated auxiliary operations to achieve accurate positioning. Through precise control systems, hoists can reduce this error to within one centimeter.

Secondly, the pneumatic hoist is easy to operate and has adjustable speed. On the one hand, it integrates modern automation control systems, and the entire lifting and moving process can be completed with just a few button operations, which is very simple and convenient, and has low requirements; On the other hand, a continuously variable transmission system is adopted, which can achieve a fast speed of three to five times that of a regular electric hoist, while precise loading of goods can be achieved through slow speed control.

Then, multiple protective measures are taken for the pneumatic hoist. Added overload protection, which can automatically issue an alarm when a heavy object is overweight and cannot be operated, reminding operators to reduce weight. Added air cut protection, which can maintain the original action when the pneumatic motor stops running, preventing sudden falling of heavy objects and danger.

Human intelligence lies in the ability to use various mechanical equipment to assist in production and processing. Pneumatic hoists are upgraded products of electric hoists, which can better help operators save time and effort in the actual use of pneumatic hoists. At the same time, the fully enclosed equipment structure also reduces the burden of maintenance and repair. In short, the pneumatic hoist is durable and is a very worthwhile equipment to choose during the lifting process.

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