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It is important to maintain the pneumatic hoist

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With the development of industry, pneumatic hoists will be increasingly widely used in industrial production due to their performance advantages such as precise positioning, simple use, stability and reliability, and the realization of stepless speed regulation. Pneumatic hoist is a machine that utilizes the principles of aerodynamics to lift and lift objects. Widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, coal mining, textile, warehousing, household appliance production lines, automobile manufacturing production lines, and ship repair, it is a device for enterprises to stabilize production, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Pneumatic hoist is a common industrial equipment that requires regular maintenance in addition to stability during use. Machines are actually the same. Only after regular maintenance can the service life of parts be increased, and nowadays, failure to maintain the machine is also a form of damage.

1、Firstly, after using the pneumatic hoist, as there is a portion of oil inside the gearbox, it is necessary to open the chassis and check if the oil level inside is sufficient after 500 hours of operation. If the working time is uncertain, it is better to check every three times. If there is not enough oil, it is necessary to add it as soon as possible.

2、 Many times, pneumatic hoists are used outdoors, so some rainproof equipment should be added to avoid the risk of water seepage from pneumatic hoists.

3、 When using, keep the pneumatic hoist in a dry state all the time, because there are some parts in the pneumatic hoist that are afraid of supermarkets. Therefore, after use, it is necessary to transfer the pneumatic hoist to a place away from humidity and high temperature, so that the performance of the pneumatic hoist can be guaranteed and there will be no unnecessary hidden dangers for future use.

The maintenance of pneumatic hoists is a very important thing. The chains of pneumatic hoists need to be lubricated with lubricating oil. Some factories are high dust areas, so regular cleaning and maintenance are required. Some chains and the contents of the guide groove group need to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure smooth and stable operation of the chains.

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