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Disposal and preventive measures for jamming of electric wire rope hoists

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Regarding the handling and preventive measures for jamming of electric wire rope hoists, referring to my knowledge and existing information, although there is no specific article directly targeting jamming of electric wire rope hoists, I can provide some suggestions based on general prevention and maintenance measures.

preventive measure

Regular inspection and maintenance:

Regularly inspect the electric wire rope crane, paying special attention to the wear and damage of key components such as wire ropes, pulleys, pulley groups, drums, and driving devices.

Ensure that all components are maintained and replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Use high-quality steel wire ropes:

Select wire ropes with reliable quality and compliance with relevant standards, and regularly replace wire ropes that have reached their service life or are severely worn.

Correct operation:

Provide professional training to operators to ensure they understand and comply with the operating procedures and safety operating guidelines of the crane.

Avoid improper operations such as overloading and speeding to reduce damage to crane components.

Lubrication and cleaning:

Regularly lubricate the moving parts such as pulleys and bearings of the crane to reduce friction and wear.

Regularly clean the crane to remove impurities such as dust and oil, and maintain its good working condition.

Installing protective devices:

Install overload limiters, limit switches, and other protective devices to prevent jamming and accidents caused by overloading, over travel, and other reasons.

Disposal measures

Immediate shutdown:

Once the crane is found to be stuck, it should be stopped immediately and the power should be cut off to prevent further damage or accidents.

Inspection and diagnosis:

Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the crane to determine the specific location and cause of jamming.

Develop corresponding maintenance plans based on the inspection results.

Repair and replacement:

Repair or replace damaged components to ensure the crane returns to normal working condition.

During the maintenance process, strictly follow the operating procedures and safety guidelines to ensure the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

Testing and Acceptance:

After the maintenance is completed, a comprehensive test should be conducted on the crane to ensure its normal functions, safety, and reliability.

Only cranes that have passed the test can be put back into use.

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