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Division of maintenance work for electric hoist care

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For the maintenance work of electric cranes, the allocation of responsibilities is usually clearly stated in the lease agreement. The following are some common allocation of maintenance work:

The lessor is responsible for maintenance and upkeep:

The lessor may be responsible for the routine maintenance and repair of the electric crane, as they typically own the ownership of the crane and have the relevant knowledge and resources to carry out necessary maintenance work.

The lessor may regularly inspect the crane, perform necessary lubrication, replace parts, and other work to ensure that the crane remains in good working condition during the lease period.

The lessee is responsible for maintenance and upkeep:

If the lease agreement stipulates that the maintenance and upkeep of the crane is the responsibility of the lessee, then the lessee needs to conduct daily inspections and maintenance of the crane during the lease term.

The lessee may need to record the operation status of the crane and promptly notify the lessor for repair in case of malfunction or wear.

Both parties are jointly responsible for maintenance and upkeep:

In some cases, the responsibility for maintenance and upkeep may be jointly borne by the lessor and lessee.

For example, the lessor may be responsible for regular major repairs and replacement of major components, while the lessee is responsible for daily minor repairs and maintenance work.

Special agreement:

Sometimes, there may be special maintenance clauses in the contract.

These special terms should be clearly stated in the contract to ensure that both parties are aware of their responsibilities.

For the specific maintenance and repair projects of electric cranes, they usually include the following aspects:

Electrical maintenance:

Regularly check the power circuit to ensure good connection.

Check switch components such as circuit breakers, contactors, and relays to ensure the reliability of AC electrical appliances.

Clean the interior of the control cabinet and electrical connectors to prevent dust and moisture from affecting the equipment.

Mechanical maintenance:

Check if the welding of each part of the crane is securely fastened.

Check if the oil level of the transmission gear is appropriate and replace the lubricating oil in a timely manner.

Clean all parts to ensure that the appearance of the equipment is clean, there is no odor inside, and the equipment is intact and undamaged.

Check the usage of the steel wire rope and replace it with one that is severely worn or damaged.

Safety maintenance:

Replace protective devices such as forging locks and switch locks as required.

Check if the safety lock of the hook and the connection of the connecting chain are secure.

Check if the pulley is worn, and if there is wear, it should be replaced in a timely manner.

Check if the operator platform, operation buttons, and other safety equipment are complete to ensure the safety of operators.

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