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Do you know that pneumatic hoists have the following advantages

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In the same plan, the resistance area of the pneumatic hoist is much larger than that of the block brake, which reduces the positive pressure between the resistance surfaces, reduces wear, simplifies maintenance, and extends its service life.

The braking effect without radial load ensures that the brake axle is not bent. 

Because when the resistance surface is engaged with the brake, the wear is uniform, and the braking torque is independent of the direction of rotation. 

The primary direction of thermal expansion is the direction of movement of the resistor surface, without affecting the connection of the resistor pad. 

Easy to dust and moisture, can be made into a closed type. 

The defect in heat dissipation conditions is the inconsistent block type belt, which is resistant to high temperatures. 

Working principle: When the motor is started, the axial magnetic force of a conical rotor advances to the right and compresses the tension spring. 

The charged fan blade conical disk is sealed from the outer conical disk on the motor casing, allowing the motor rotor to run freely. 

When the power supply is closed, the axial magnetic force is not visible, so the inner cone disk is pressed against the outer cone disk under the pressure of the tension spring, which causes the design and calculation process of the overall structure of the pneumatic lifting machine to be arranged.

The design and calculation process of improving the equipment is roughly as follows: the winding system and driving equipment are determined by this method and the diameter of the steel wire rope. 

Plan and adjust the speed of the drum. 

Increase static power consumption. 

Main motor. 

Select the gearbox. 

Selective coupling. 

Select the brake to determine the static torque. 

The braking torque of the traction machine is greater than the static torque of the cargo. 

After selecting the brake, if the additional braking torque is too large, it can be adjusted according to the requirements specified in the manual for the required braking torque. 

Check the arrangement of motor starting and braking torque based on transmission ratio, job type, static power consumption, and input shaft speed. 

The primary component for strength verification is the arrangement of heating pneumatic hoist power winch improvement. 

Usually, select a motor reducer, and the static power consumption is not greater than the allowable power for high-speed shaft gears.

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